We love the internet.

We build great websites because we know how beneficial an online space is to a business and, well, because we like to do it.

Our team spends time (a lot of time - did we mention that we love the internet?)
scoring the web to learn about the latest web design techniques to combine
with our own innovation and create custom sites. Trisunk media's websites are
both artistic and functional - an excellent combination.


If you're looking to sell your product online, we are pleased to offer e-commerce capabilities.

Why not use your website as another storefront and give your customers an easy way to purchase from you?

We focus on usability

What is the most important job a website does? It works. This seems like a given, but I'm sure that you've wasted your fair share of hours clicking on menus and scouring too much text on a site, searching for information. Trifunk media wouldn't do that to you. We are big fans of testing and usability. A beautiful site is of no use if your audience can't find the information they've come looking for.

We do what we like to call the
"Grandmother Test"

If your grandmothers can take a look
at a website and understand its flow
and usability, we're in good shape.